Merrylands Portraits

The Social Outfit's 2017 Digital Print Project involved working with young people from the new migrant and refugee community in Merrylands and surrounding suburbs, developing artwork together for a collaborative print design. During a six week period, participants worked with The Social Outfit to create a folio of small artworks, exploring their own interpretations of abstract self portraits, and showcasing new skills through painting, drawing, and paper weaving. At the end of the six weeks, these pieces were collaged into individual artworks, with multiple elements coming together into the collaborative Merrylands print design.

The Merrylands print debuted on garments, accessories, homewares, and stationery as part of Kaleido-cloth, The Social Outfit's Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

In celebration of this exciting collaboration and the creativity behind it, participants' collaged artworks were exhibited at The Social Outfit, alongside the collaborative print each one contributed to!

The Social Outfit Loves Community from The Social Outfit on Vimeo.

Project participants joined us on our Kaleido-cloth photoshoot, with photographs captured by Harold David of Network Agency, and short film created by Versus.

This project was completed in collaboration with Jessica Lee Parker for The Social Outfit, and with support from Community Migrant Resource Centre's (CMRC's) Youth Transition Support Program. Funding for this project provided by Scanlon Foundation.

A second colourway of this print, 'Merrylands Raspberry', was released as part of The Social Outfit's Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.