Introducing the 'Dragons' print, developed in collaboration with Australian visual artist Matt Huynh, and a highlight of our AW18 collection!

This print was developed from Matt's original sumi-e ink artwork:

“This painting of the Azure Dragon of the East was inspired by star maps found in secret caves off the Silk Road, the oldest star maps from any civilisation. I wanted to make a connection between the celestial constellations and the physicality of the medieval manuscript's ink and mulberry fibers, just as it was believed occurrences in the sky reflected events on earth.”

"We've long admired Matt Huynh’s amazing body of work – especially his distinctive illustrations and ability to tell stories through artworks. This includes significant artworks that evocatively show the complexity of people’s refugee and new migrant experiences across the world."

- Jackie Ruddock, CEO, The Social Outfit




About Matt:

Matt Huynh is a visual artist and storyteller, raised in Western Sydney and now based in New York City. His bold brush and ink paintings are informed by poetic Eastern sumi-e ink traditions and popular contemporary Western comic books. His animation, paintings and comics interrogate war, diaspora, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant communities.

Huynh's work has been exhibited by the MoMA, The Smithsonian, The Sydney Opera House, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Academy of Music and New York Historical Society.