Our Workroom

Ethically made in the heart of Sydney.

The workroom is where the magic happens. Our team of refugee and new migrant sewing technicians cut, sew, learn and create in our Marrickville workroom as well as in our studio just above our Newtown shopfront.

So sit back and relax as we take you on a journey through our workroom and introduce you to the special women that bring The Social Outfit to life.

rolls of colourful fabric stacked up against each other

First up: Fabric!

85% of the fabric we use in our collections is end-of-roll, cut offs or remnant materials donated from our industry partners or deadstock diverted from textile landfill - we only use virgin materials for some of our Community and Artist prints.

two women at a cutting table working on cutting and marking up fabric
3 women standing at a cutting table smiling at each other

Coming together at the cutting table.

Han and Lilyrose then lay and cut the fabric in preparation for sewing. Limited by metreage, we do small production runs that utilise as much of the fabric as possible and minimise textile waste.

asian woman with long hair tied up in a ponytail sitting at sewing machine smiling and laughing while sewing, with measuring tapes in the foreground and colourful clothes in the backdrop

Made with love, sewn with pride.

It's not just a job. Our sewing technicians get up-skilling opportunities, improve their language skills and create long-lasting bonds and friendships all within a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

3 women with dark hair dressed in bright orange silk garments smiling at each other against a pink backdrop
asian woman with short hair wearing a black jacket sitting at a sewing machine focusing on a task with the sun shining against her hair

Celebrating our diversity

Our sewing technicians come from all over the world. What unites them is the passion they have for their craft. We exist not just to provide employment, but to give our sewers a platform to tell their stories in their own voice.