Have you been meaning to revive your favourite cardigan by mending that small hole in the arm? Perhaps re-sewing the button on that beautiful vintage dress you thrifted? Well, we've got a set of FREE classes that will be perfect for you - take a look:




Mending and repairing your clothes is a sustainable way to increase the lifespan of your clothing, reduce your consumption rate and get the most out of each and every garment. Remember: 



Don't know where to start? Have no fear, our fabulous Production Manager Joss is here to help! With the support of City of Sydney, we've developed a FREE Quick Mends series that will teach you how to darn holes, sew buttons and patch rips like a pro - introducing our Quick Mends Lockdown Series!


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what you'll learn in our quick mends lockdown seriesSIGN UP TO THE QUICK MENDS LOCKDOWN SERIES!
Do you love initiatives and classes just like our Quick Mend Series? By buying our wonderful ethically made products (all of which are created on-site by refugee and new migrant sewing technicians), you enable us to continue to run programs, classes and initiatives just like this one!

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