Photo by Levon Baird
The Lioness print was created in collaboration with Studio A artist Annette Galstaun. This print combines motifs from two original paintings by Annette: Untitled (Lion and Lioness) and Under The Palm Trees. Annette’s recent work depicts scenes from her favourite childhood fairy tales, movies and television series.
“The Lion King film is my inspiration. The film makes me laugh. It has funny jokes, particularly the baboon. It is a bit sad, but mainly funny. I hope people find my Lioness artwork joyous and funny.”
- Annette Galstaun

Annette’s work spans painting, drawing, soft sculpture and embroidery, working both as a solo artist and in collaboration. Annette was born in Sydney but has always been interested in Peru (where her mother was born and migrated from) as well as her Armenian heritage on her father's side. She has enjoyed listening to her Spanish-speaking and Armenian-speaking relatives at extended family gatherings!

The Lioness print is one of the highlights of King Botanic, The Social Outfit’s Spring/Summer 2018-19 collection. Find this collaborative print on garments, accessories and stationery in store and online now!

Photo by Lester Jones

“I want people who see my work to be inspired. I want people of all different sizes and ages in all different parts of Australia to see my work on clothing, and I want them to know that I am a special and famous artist.”

- Annette Galstaun

"Studio A is an arts company composed of and inspired by difference. We work across a very broad range of art practices with people from diverse cultural backgrounds with different kinds of ability. It is this diversity that keeps our art fresh, exciting and interesting."

- Gabrielle Mordy

CEO & Artistic Director, Studio A

Photo by Lester Jones

About Annette Galstaun:

Annette’s art practice fuses activity with contemplation. Through her energetic mark making, her works encompass a sense of the artist’s own excitement in the moment of making. Yet, simultaneous to this electric energy, there is a corresponding steadiness in Annette’s work. Her subjects appear snapped in moments of pause.

Annette’s images are surreal and dreamlike, reminiscent of scenes by Marc Chagall. She confidently distorts figures, heightens colours, and exaggerates form. The artist deconstructs and flattens her subject matter, decoding people, landscapes and animals into abstracted shapes. In the process Annette arranges her subjects into beautiful patchworks of pattern. Lyrical, quirky, curious and beautiful all describe Annette Galstaun’s work.

About Studio A:

Studio A is a supported studio based in Sydney that tackles the barriers that artists living with intellectual disability face in accessing conventional education, professional development pathways and opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists. The enterprise paves professional pathways for such artists so that they can achieve their artistic and economic aspirations.

Studio A provides its artists with a working studio space equipped with specialist materials and support-staff, and supports a variety of artists working within a range of disciplines. Studio A contributes to various personal outcomes for the artists including increased self esteem, increased aspirations for the future, broader social networks and a sense of belonging, increased financial security and improved mental health. More broadly, within the community Studio A reduces stigma associated with people with disability and increases diversity and inclusion.