As part of our involvement with Fairfield City Museum & Gallery's exhibition 'Who Are You Wearing?', we've worked with the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery and Think+DO Tank Foundation to connect us with a Fairfield based refugee community with whom we can run our Community Print Program in collaboration with Artist Sonya Price-Kelly, FCMG, the Think+Do Tank Foundation and a group of 12 refugee and new migrant women from The Seed of Hope. 

woman with mask wearing check shirt painting

Designs and paintbrush

Over a series of 5 workshops held at The Fairfield City Gallery and Museum, the women were lead through a series of activities taking inspiration from Australian botanicals using techniques in pattern making, painting, sewing and collage.

two women working on design collaboratively

These designs are then collaged into a print through the help of Artist Sonya Price-Kelly and assisted by our Community Project Coordinator Nisha Bhargav. Eventually the group gets to see their gorgeous designs come to life once the design is printed on fabric and sewn into garments!

woman wearing mask looking off in distance

The women said they not only had fun participating in the varied art activities but also enjoyed the company of one another. Making new connections, finding out more about the community and its services and learning art techniques they could reuse as mindfulness activities were a few of the key points highlighted by the participants. 

One participant told us the value of the workshops for her was that she "came to know that sometimes mistakes turn out to be something beautiful", a lovely life lesson learnt through support, collaboration and fun. 

The print is set to release with our new Spring/Summer Collection later this year, however we thought we might give you a sneak-peek behind the scenes of the workshops - and stay tuned for the prints release later this year! If you're keen on getting your hands on some amazing refugee-designed prints, check out our latest Community Prints here!




May 04, 2022 — TSO Staff

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