by Maite Cezario, our wonderful intern!

For those who love the Social Outfit and know about our history, we are always proud to share how we save fabric and textile waste in Australia! We have been able to save more than 5 tonnes of fabric and textile waste. This has been and continues to be possible thanks to our fashion industry supporters like Seafolly, Bianca Spender, Ginger & Smart, Gary Bigeni and many more! We have collaborated with 28 Australian fashion brands and designers including Linda Jackson, Romance was Born, Dragstar Clothing, Ken Done, and many more! We would like to take a moment and thank our generous fashion industry fabric donors such and Cue and Sant Elia as well. 

As a sustainable, ethical fashion label, our focus is on producing trans-seasonal garments. An important aspect that we love is that we have kind hearted and hard working volunteers! One such volunteer is Susie who was last in our shop in the beginning of March before we decided to transition to working from home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The day Susie came in, she went through remnants fabrics from Bianca Spender and remnant bridal lace from Sant Elia. The fabrics that we were given were incredibly beautiful! Susie was careful enough to take out the fabrics and lace with care so as to not rip or damage them. She then proceeded to organise them and sort them according to composition. We are always so appreciative of the volunteers that come in and help us in any way possible!

We hope this gave you a bit of insight into the current situation. We've developed a range of articles addressing the impacts of the fashion industry and what can be done, to get you thinking about our impact on the environment during Fashion Revolution week!

We're also teaming up with some of our friends in the ethical fashion industry to run a challenge with some awesome prizes, in celebration of Fashion Revolution week which you can check out here

Love fashion, hate waste? Shop all products made from donated remnants and Social Outfit offcuts.



April 23, 2020 — TSO Staff

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