The fashion industry has a number of massive issues, right?!

Labour rights abuses, obscene levels of pollution and waste, and a consumption culture that drives the desire for more and more clothing…even when we already have enough.

Did you know that Australians buy 27kg of textiles each year, but send 23kg to landfill? And that on average, Australians wear a garment just seven times before it’s destined for landfill. Shocking, right? There’s an unspoken social pressure on women (and perhaps men too) to always wear something new. Why?! Clothing is practical - let’s get the longest wear out of what we buy, and fashion is fun, so let’s embrace the creativity and joy in the art of dress and find new ways to style that help us get even more out of our wardrobe.

Imagine if your week looked like this?

Photo by The Social Outfit

You can have a lot of fun styling one garment in five different ways.

And that is our creative challenge to you! 
Wear the Change invites you to style 1 garment 5 ways over 5 days to fundraise for The Social Outfit’s community programs, during Refugee Week, June 21st to June 25th. 

Why participate in Wear The Change?

YOU are the change we have been waiting for... and right now, we need you!
We need you to step up with your passion for women's rights, your love of fashion and sustainability and your concerns for the issues impacting refugees in Australia. There is so much work to do and this refugee week, together we can make a BIG impact.

Here are our Top 6 reasons why The Social Outfit team chooses to Wear The Change!

1 - We challenge the fast-fashion-fix and social pressure on women to always wear something new.
Yes, we are loud and proud outfit repeaters!

2 - This Refugee Week and always, we are committed to being part of the solution - supporting refugees to settle better in Australia.

3 - We care about the environmental impact of the fashion industry - the waste, the toxic chemicals. We choose sustainable fashion that is gentle on the planet!

4 - We celebrate the makers - sharing our passion for ethically made clothing that empowers rather than exploits women.

5 - Fashion is fun! We love sharing our sustainable style tips to empower everyone to get creative with the art of dress and align their clothing choices with their values.

6- Finally, "The Social Outfit Loves Community" and Wear The Change allows us to bring our amazing community together, sharing our love of ethical fashion alongside our passion for creating tangible change for refugee women.

So how does it work exactly? 

Step 1 - Register to participate on our website and follow the prompts to create their personal fundraising pages! You’ll need your favourite headshot and a brief statement about what “wear the change” means to you. 

Step 2 - Start asking your friends, family and colleagues to support you by donating to that personalised page, sharing social media posts about why you are taking that challenge to inspire your networks to donate, or even join you for the challenge. 

Step 3 - Grab your ethical garment and prepare to style it 5 ways over 5 days during Refugee Week! Share pictures on your socials, invite your network to donate and make the world a better place with the money and awareness you’ve raised!

Are you in? Click here to sign up and join the challenge:

May 13, 2021 — TSO Staff

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