You are the change

This is the story of the piece of clothes you saved from landfill, maybe from a second hand shop, found an unknown beautiful piece and gave it a new life. Or even a guilty or ignorant buy from a fast fashion shop, but you know that you have found a piece that’s going to last you long, because it speaks for us and complete us in a way. 

I ask: Where did you come from?

Who made you?

From which soul

Did the soul come to you?

And what memory

Decorated with its fingertips

The book of your words and your colours,

Shared part of it to make you,

How many nights and hours have passed?

How much blood bled?

How many tears,

And how much sweat?

All of this I do not know.

Because you don't reveal your charm,

like the hands that made you,

You are silence.

Like the human whose name and colour

are unknown,

you are unknown,

and no one knows your story.

but I hear you calling me

To make a history for you,

To weave with eager eyes

The story of your survival.

Your survival from ending

Where your companions ended,

A cheap product,

Thrown with another pile,

or lost in the landfill,

No one cares about who made it,

and the human soul that was put in it,

Lacking appreciation.

Like an unfortunate child,

who was condemned to old age

at the moment of your birth.

You have no life,

You have no future to read


You have no past.

So, you are unknown.

But I picked you up,

Despite my fears and doubts

Believing in you,

and believing in change.

Because; you are so small now

That you are perhaps

Like the child who made you,

The child whose soul  has aged

Far from play and learning,

Far from opportunities,

development, life and adventures.

Guided by one routine

that barely helps them survive,

because my little one,

like you, thier life is short,

and meaningless.

now you are with me,

I will keep you,

I will take care of you

and make you live your childhood again,

I will make for us a new style

that fits your age,

at first,

I will not know how to dress you appropriately,

as a child you will be



and sometimes


With time,

you will grow with me

be a young woman

full of life and chaos,

but you are distinctive and bright,

flowing to life

not afraid of experiences.

then you will mature

generation after generation

until our souls coalesce,

and you become part of me,

part of memories,

created by your colours

and your distinctive addition.

I know you well

and what match with you

to show your beauty and charm.

Then we will grow old together,

I put you on multiple other pieces of cloths

to protect my delicate bones

from the cold,

you are a constant reality in my world

I see you in my closet every morning

as the spirit of me.

Then I will pass you again

to another genarition,

with a new spirit

that grows slowly with you

and shares with you a new history

that carries something from me

the scent of the sweet Jasmine perfume

that belongs to me,

or the hidden spot on your corner,

that I tried so hard to clean,

or the hidden stitch of a hole

that the days once made in you

and I repaired it,

The adjustments that I made

throughout the years

and all the gain and loss.

but you will create many new memories

with this new soul,

you will be an immortal being,

you will stop death of the unfortunate,

and give life to the dead,

you will be the change.


June 18, 2021 — TSO Staff

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