Gary Bigeni is a Sydney fashion icon, know for his playfully sophisticated silhouettes, draped detail and joyful use of colour.

For Autumn/Winter 2019, Gary has generously donated three shapes from his archive, for The Social Outfit to re-release exclusively in new season fabrics. We worked with Gary to select fabrics for trans-seasonal wear during the colder months, with Gary's signature graphic edge: heavy cotton, linen, and a beautiful Italian wool.

Like all of The Social Outfit's garments, these pieces are manufactured in our Ethical Clothing Australia accredited workroom. The complex structure hidden within each Gary Bigeni garment has been a new and challenging opportunity for The Social Outfit's Sewing Technicians, expanding their skills and confidence for this collaboration!

About Gary:

Established as a label in 2003, Gary Bigeni is a fashion anomaly with a reputation for masterful drape, intelligent silhouettes and a sophisticated use of colour; it’s easy to be seduced by the quiet confidence exuded by the clothes he creates as each piece is carefully considered to become a wardrobe staple for the modern woman. The beauty in the simplicity offers the wearer the ultimate in restrained chic; a gentle sophistication.

Look a little closer at the pieces in Bigeni’s collections and you will see the subtle idiosyncrasies that keep the Gary Bigeni brand continuously fresh and intriguing. Youthful movement is evoked through fluid folds while simultaneously honouring womanly curves; silhouettes speak of modesty despite offering slight flashes of skin; childishly bold hues are arranged with clear emotional maturity and cohesiveness – all the while maintaining a weighted lightness.

Gary Bigeni signature is preserved with modern silhouettes and understated complexities that cleverly translate into a versatile everyday wardrobe for women. Refined lines, controlled drape and effortless elegance define the Gary Bigeni aesthetic and collections always maintain a focus on luxury fabrications such as silk, wool and fine Italian cotton; Gary punctuates his seasonal collections with regular artist collaborations for prints which have included Matthew Johnson, Eduardo Santos and Marie Hagerty.