Granville Heroes: The Social Outfit’s SS24 Community Print.

Created through a series of creative arts workshops exploring the theme of resilience. Children and their families from Granville Public School Community Hub designed their own unique mythical creatures with super resilient features, using textiles and craft materials.

Granville Heroes

The resilient Heroes were layered to create a bold, bright and impactful print, developed by Sonya Price-Kelly. Our newest community print is available on a range of accessories and our Silk Shell Top.

Meet the Heroes


Scary Girl lives in a big scary house.
Sometimes she gets lonely. Her special features are invisibility, so no one can see her, she can protect herself. And she has a good heart. She gives people food and clothes. She can change from a human to a scary girl to scare away the bad guys. She is also a good dancer and can move around quickly.


He lives next to trees and in the garden next to flowers. When he
stands in the forest he can be calm and camouflage.
He can hide among the trees. If he has a fight with someone he has the power to keep his brain calm by using the rubix cube.


He lives in the forest, sky, jungle and mountains. It is hot
there but he likes the cold. His resilience feature is that he has
wings, and can fly to cold places so he can feel happy and safe. He can jump very high to keep safe from enemies. He does not like to fight with other horses and his super powers is that he can play with everyone.


He lives on Kung Fu Mountain and it is covered in lava. Dinosaurs live on the mountain too. His superpower is that he can double up and clone his ability. Because there is more than one monkey on the mountain the dinosaurs don't know which one is the real one. He has special fur covered with oil which means he can walk through the lava and not get hurt. His face can change emotions quickly. He can make an angry face to scare away the dinosaurs.


Kitty Kat lives in a beautiful house. It's a big house with rainbow lights. Her purpose is to play with kids and give them presents to make them happy and to not feel lonely. Her colourful flower body makes children happy when they are nervous. She has big hugging arms and uses them to hug the kids when she gets home. She is also a YouTuber and makes some cartoons for the kids and they can feel better when they cry. She also helps
them to learn English and to learn to write better.