Photo by Levon Baird

The Social Outfit’s Digital Print Project is an annual program designed to engage young people from refugee and new migrant communities in different areas of Western Sydney. This year, we had the joy of partnering with Western Sydney MRC to work with 10 young women in Liverpool: Abeer, Balsam, Brona, Hind, Jehan, Kelly, Maryana, Princess, Reem and Wurood.

For 6 weeks, these young women came together for a series of artistic workshops, designed to increase creative confidence while forming new social connections. Each workshop focused on a new material or technique, exploring and practicing new skills and ways of communicating visually. The Liverpool community print incorporates artwork from all 10 participants, collaging different illustration styles into one collaborative print!

The Liverpool print is one of the highlights of King Botanic, The Social Outfit’s Spring/Summer 2018-19 collection. Find this community print on garments, accessories and stationery in store and online now!

Project participants Wurood, Reem, Hind and Balsam, with model Nya. Photo by Lester Jones.

This project was facilitated by Jessica Lee Parker for The Social Outfit, and in partnership with Western Sydney MRCWestern Sydney MRC is a community based not-for-profit organisation that works with and supports newly-arrived migrants and refugees. The organisation assists diverse communities in their settlement journeys, promoting principles of access and equity whilst addressing the needs of disadvantaged members of the community. Western Sydney MRC’s mission is to create a socially just and inclusive society in which both individuals and communities are celebrated and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Project participants Princess, Abeer and Kelly, with model Nya. Photo by Lester Jones.

This project has provided a world of new experiences and inspiration to these young women. They feel incredibly privileged to have been given this once in a life time opportunity.

- Sarah Elfoul

Youth Worker, Western Sydney MRC 

Project participants Wurood and Balsam, with model Kawani. Photo by Lester Jones.
Project participants Kelly, Abeer and Princess, with model Nya. Photo by Lester Jones.

These young women brought so much enthusiasm and creativity to our project, which really shines through in the resulting print design! It has been a pleasure spending time with them each week, creating and learning together.

- Jessica Lee Parker

Project Facilitator, The Social Outfit

During this project, the young women participated in site visits to Newtown. A few weeks in, The Social Outfit hosted the group to learn more about the design and manufacturing process in our own workroom, and to explore a new area of Sydney together. Most recently, the group joined us on set for a photoshoot, modelling pieces in the Liverpool print and seeing their artworks printed onto fabric for the first time!
Project participants Hind and Reem, with model Nya. Photo by Lester Jones.