Our Approach

Guided by our theory of change all our community programs exist to support refugee and migrant women with customised training and employment.

Collaboration is one of our core values and as such we partner with aligned non-profits, community organisations, the fashion industry, TAFE and other social enterprises to deliver our programs. This strengthens outcomes, wrap-around supports and avoids service duplication.

Our Logic Model (below) details the goals of each program stream and demonstrates how they complement one another as a pathway to ongoing training and employment.

Strategic Shifts to Strengthen Social Impact.

In 2022 we shifted the parameters of our programs to improve outcomes for individuals, strengthen the team and prepare for future impact and enterprise growth.

High-quality outcomes for refugee and migrant women are the main focus of the work and as such we are committed to ensuring our programs are fit for purpose. Based on feedback from the community in 2022 we made 3 strategic shifts to the parameter of our programs. We now offer:

  • LONGER-TERM EMPLOYMENT: From 2014-2021 we hired refugee sewing staff for a maximum of 2 years before aiming to transition them to other employment. We now hire with a view to keep staff as long as they are happy and learning. This strengthens our team and it’s better for the individuals who want to stay with us longer to continue to upskill, develop their confidence and connections with the team. Those who wish to transition to other roles are supported to do so with the assistance of our new Employment Pathways Coordinator.

  • MULTIPLE OUTCOMES FOR INDIVIDUALS: From 2014-2021 we reported our impact by the number of individuals engaged in our programs, meaning we would favour new recruits and limit access to one free training program per person. This was rarely sufficient as a pathway to employment. From 2022 onwards we are supporting people to progress their training and employment goals through multiple program streams and supports, meaning we will be counting multiple training and employment milestones for individuals. This new approach is customised to deliver higher quality support, deeper impact and improve the chances of securing ongoing employment.

  • BEYOND SEWING & RETAIL: We are now hiring refugee and new migrant women for roles beyond sewing and retail. As of 2022 we have hired a Retail Trainer, a Marketing Assistant and a Community Project Coordinator, all women from new migrant backgrounds, two in their first Australian job. The English literacy and digital competency required for these roles is much higher than for a sewer, which means we have hired people based on emerging skills and potential. We train on the job so they can acquire the full range of skills needed to succeed in their role.

For more detail about our work and impact, please visit our Impact page and/or request a copy of our Impact Prospectus.