We finally did it - after living 2 years of the lockdown lifestyle, we were able to break the habit and come together as the beautiful, wonderful & diverse community we are!

This launch party to kick off Wear The Change 2022  will forever be in our memories thanks to the incredible work of Lorrie Graham and Nic Walker who captured this enchanting evening perfectly!

There was no shortage of delicious, artisanal fare served up by Radish Events and no shortage of rousing, empowering speeches by our more-than-special guests. By the end of the night, there wasn’t a dry pair of eyes in sight! 

Leading with a lot of sparkle from our new bomber jacket and her enchanting charisma, our Special Guest MC Annabel Crabb made sure everyone felt welcome and guided the night perfectly.

She was followed by a powerful poem by an incredible storyteller, Hani Abdile who we had the honour of listening to and admiring her deep and meaningful words about belonging and identity. After which our CEO Camilla Schippa and Nazanin spoke on the experiences that refugees face today.

We then had a brilliant speech delivered by the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator for NSW and staunch feminist and anti-racist - Mehreen Faruqi

To continue with the amazingness of the night and to speak on the value of the skills that our refugee and new migrant communities bring - our Ambassador and proud industry partner, Bianca Spender!

For some fun, we had a live styling segment with the amazing Natalie Shehata, our Retail Trainer, starring some powerful women who participate from our Retail Trainee Program: Thank you Skye, Myrna, Nasima and Kora. 🥳

A huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to our supporters, donors and The Social Outfit family. Because you show up, we're able to keep on creating and promoting events such as this one that will bring positive change and awareness to our society. This in turn brings more employment for underprivileged women in our country. 

Wear The Change is in full swing, so if you’d like to donate to some of the ethical styling superstars taking the challenge this week, click here!



June 21, 2022 — TSO Staff

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