On Thursday, we celebrated a beautiful and empowering graduation night with our beloved Retail Trainees, who we had the privilege of guiding and training for the past 12 weeks. 

As you know, here at The Social Outfit, one of our main focus is to develop meaningful professional skills for young women who have arrived on Gadigal land and are looking for their very first job.

Unfortunately and unjustly, many employers only consider work experiences that have taken place in Australia, which makes getting that first bit of work experience so difficult and, at the same time, very important.

This is exactly why we run programs such as the Retail Trainee Program - so that we can provide this initial support for them as they settle in Sydney. 

But, what’s the Retail Training Program anyway?

Our Program offers a paid traineeship opportunity (approx. 60 hours over 3 months) in Retail Customer Service here with us at our beloved Newtown. During the extend of the experience, the participants are equipped with video training via our online school, industry excursions and one-to-one mentorship. 

The idea is to provide a safe space where they can learn and embrace new retail professional skills, building community and further understanding for the ethical fashion industry. 

So far, we're able to successfully graduate 27 young women aged from 18-29 since 2019, the year we started our program. We're always so proud that we're able to empower our community on their first and next steps of their very own career journeys, here in First Nation Peoples' Land. Watch the video below to find out more about our Retail Training Program!

The Social Outfit Retail Program - Partners from The Social Outfit on Vimeo.

July 07, 2022 — TSO Staff

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