We might be in lockdown but that doesn't mean we're not connected. Shortly before lockdown began, we were due to start the next cohort of the Retail Training Program. We had 4 incredible young refugee and new migrant women eager to start learning the ins and outs of the retail trade.

Sadly we were forced to close our Newtown shopfront when the lockdown hit. In true Social Outfit spirit, we didn't let this stop us and we continued to engage these young individuals through online workshops and Zoom calls!


retail training program zoom calls

Because you haven't gotten the chance to meet the retail trainees in-store, we wanted to introduce you to them, and let them share their thoughts on how the Retail Training Program has gone so far in spite of the shift online.


meet our new retail trainee, sweeta!

Over the Zoom calls, our Retail Trainer Natalie Shehata has been taking the trainees through all of our back end POS and e-commerce systems, giving them plenty of practice with their customer service skills and hearing about Natalie's experiences in the retail industry!

 hear from our retail trainee Skye


The online classes are continuing to build the Retail Trainee's knowledge, competencies and ultimately their confidence - all of which will be great to have once we're able to resume the program in-store and put all their learnings into practice!


Meet our retail trainee Zinah!

We can't continue to engage these programs without your help however - with the lockdown continuing, every bit of support you can give truly makes a difference!

meet zahira, one of our retail trainees

And the best way you can support us? By buying our wonderful ethically made products - created on-site by refugee and new migrant sewing technicians, of course!

By purchasing our gorgeous garments and accessories, you provide us with the means to support, employ and upskill more women just like our Retail Trainees and Sewing Technicians. 

August 04, 2021 — TSO Staff


Harper said:

Incredible positivity in tough times.
A feel-good post – thank you!
Unity and strength together.
Such a lucky local community, love Newtown.
Keep up the work creating ethical, sustainable and local made garments.

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