#WeWearAustralian was born from a need to create a sense of commitment to our community, unite the Australian fashion industry and in the process uplift local Australians in need. 

Ethical, sustainable and local production sits at the heart of everything we do at The Social Outfit. The on-going pandemic deeply impacted the our local fashion industry and the brands that have committed to employing and supporting Australians. #WeWearAustralian is a rallying cry of support for our community that needs your support right now.

All of our garments are produced right in the heart of the inner-west of Sydney in our on-site Newtown workroom. Our garments are crafted by refugee and new migrant women that we support and empower through employment.

By supporting brands that manufacture locally just like us, you're ensuring that sewing technicians and makers, many of them women, are and will continue to be employed during this difficult time. 

The campaign asks - as do we - of the Australian public to back Australian made, to support local employment and production, to look to local industry for inspiration and use your money to make a difference!

If you'd like to find out more, click here.

And the best way you can support us? By buying our wonderful ethically made products - created on-site by refugee and new migrant sewing technicians, of course!

By purchasing our gorgeous garments and accessories, you provide us with the means to support, employ and upskill more women just like our Retail Trainees and Sewing Technicians.

Click here to shop some of our incredible garments, all locally and ethically made in Newtown.

September 15, 2021 — TSO Staff

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