The Social Outfit is thrilled to share that we are adventuring into the world of online learning! As the current situation continues to evolve, so must we - we will be producing a series of online craft classes for our community who are at home and isolating. By learning simple handcrafts via live video, our student and staff community can stay connected while at home, creating something beautiful from recycled fabrics. 

The Social Outfit's transition to online learning, featuring Nicole BarakatConnecting from a distance: Pictured above (left to right) - our production manager Joss, our Partnerships and Development Manager Kate, and professional teaching artist Nicole Barakat

 We're excited to welcome professional teaching artist Nicole Barakat to kick-off this series with crochet wearables. Participants will learn how to create their own yarn from reused materials and a series of basic crochet stitches to create their own wearable piece.  We have chosen at this time, to pause our industrial sewing classes and start embracing traditional handcrafts and fibre arts as these are soothing activities that create a calming effect on the nervous system. 
 The Social Outfit's transition to online learning, featuring Nicole Barakat Crocheting with reused fabric scraps (Credit: Nicole Barakat)

Nicole Barakat is an artist who works to unpick the borders of art and life, re-examining intersections between drawing and textiles, collaboration, live work and community-engagement. Her work embodies the love and patience that often characterises traditional textile practices.  Nicole approaches making as a form of meditation, with intentions to transform the conditions of everyday life, conjuring new ways of thinking, feeling and envisioning reality. Nicole has a passion for the potential of imagination and art to create social change.
The Social Outfit's transition to online learning, featuring Nicole BarakatCredit: Nicole Barakat
You can find out more about the impact we're having in the community here, and be sure to visit Nicole's website and Instagram - you'll be glad you did!

April 16, 2020 — TSO Staff

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