You heard right, 3000 B1-G1 Face Masks Donated!

Our workroom has seen an interesting year. At certain points, Joss (our brilliant production manager) could be seen wielding a circular saw and gliding through layers of donated fabric...

Eco-styling with our Retail Trainer, Natalie Shehata

Pick up some tips and tricks for Summer as Nat breaks down how to mix colours, patterns and silhouettes using our new SS20 'FAM BAM' collection...
November 12, 2020 — TSO Staff

Refugee Voices: 'Rising Heart', Aminata Conteh-Biger and Clare Press in Dialogue

Two weeks ago, we were joined by some very special TSO friends and family for the launching of Aminata Conteh-Biger's new memoir 'Rising Heart'...
November 11, 2020 — TSO Staff

Face Masks for Good: Our B1-G1 (buy one, give one) Initiative

In Australia and across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned facemasks into an important part of our everyday lives and outfits. Given that most facemasks are ‘single-use’ or disposable, we at The Social Outfit saw this as an opportunity to produce a more sustainable option...
August 21, 2020 — TSO Staff

"Strong and Kind" Tote Program: A Look Behind the Scenes

To celebrate the amazing efforts of the women involved in the "Strong and Kind" Tote Program, we have made a video to share some behind the scenes stories (including how we made the leap from a face to face manufacturing program to online craft classes and back again) and what it has meant to the refugee and new migrant women who participated...
August 21, 2020 — TSO Staff

It All Starts on Paper: Capturing the AW Collection with Karina Olen

We've seen COVID-19 shake 'convention' to it's very core. Many small businesses (including us) have faced and continue to face immense challenges during these trying times.
May 14, 2020 — TSO Staff

Online learning in the time of COVID-19: Our response at The Social Outfit

The Social Outfit is thrilled to share that we are adventuring into the world of online learning! As the current situation continues to evolve, so must we - we will be producing a series of online craft classes for our community who are at home and isolating...
April 16, 2020 — TSO Staff
Connection is why we are here

Connection is why we are here

To our dear Community,
We hope you are well and managing to stay grounded amidst these incredibly challenging times and the constant choices we are forced to make...
March 19, 2020 — TSO Staff
Welcome to The Social Journal!

Welcome to The Social Journal!

Whether you're hearing about us for the first time, or you're a Social Outfit aficionado  - welcome to The Social Journal! 
March 19, 2020 — TSO Staff