Dear Prime Minister,

TO: The Hon. Scott Morrison, MP Prime Minister of Australia

FROM: The Australian Fashion Industry


Dear Prime Minister,

As members of the Australian fashion and textile industry, we, the 52 companies listed below, write to express our deep concern for the evolving situation in Afghanistan and to call on the Australian Government to urgently increase its efforts to resettle Afghan refugees.

The fashion and textile industry represents an important sector of the Australian economy having contributed more than $27.2 billion to Australia’s economy last year.

As a sector, we stand ready to support refugees from Afghanistan to build safe and fulfilling lives in Australia. This is something we have done before. Australia has a long tradition of responding decisively and generously to humanitarian crises, as demonstrated by special intakes of Albanian Kosovars in 1999 and Vietnamese refugees following the Vietnam war as well as more recently, with the intake of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Numerous members of these communities have been employed by the Australian fashion sector, especially in manufacturing. We can do it again.

Fashion labels such as The Social Outfit have made it their raison d'être to train and employ refugees to put them on a path to successful integration and the Australian fashion and textile industry is committed to continue supporting this work.

The enormity of the present crisis and the threat it poses to life and freedom cannot be underestimated and warrants a similar increased humanitarian intake as has been extended in previous crises. This has been recognised by Canada and the United Kingdom with each committing to taking 20,000 Afghan refugees.

In addition, it is critical that family reunion, especially for immediate family, be prioritised and urgently expedited. There are many Australian residents and citizens with immediate family in Afghanistan. Many of them are employed in our sector and we have seen first-hand how settlement cannot be achieved without family reunion. The current situation calls for a renewed action in facilitating family reunion.

Further, all Afghan refugees and asylum seekers in Australia must be granted permanent protection in light of the changed circumstances in Afghanistan. These individuals will not be able to return to Afghanistan with the Taliban in power. Given they are likely to be in Australia indefinitely, they should be granted permanency as this is critical in being able to fully participate and contribute to life in Australia.

In closing, we wish to reiterate to the government our willingness to support all Afghans seeking safety in Australia, and our readiness to support Australia in increasing its humanitarian commitment to the people of Afghanistan.




AC Official



Algorithm Designed

Artisans of Fashion

Aurelio Costarella

Australian Fashion Council


Bianca Spender

Citizen Wolf

Cloth and Co


Corban & Blair

Doodad and Fandango


Double Rainbouu

Electric Collective

Eloise Rapp

Gary Bigeni

Ginger and Smart


Isadora Nim

Jillian Boustred

Juju and Co

Kit X

Lisa Barron

Luna and Sun


Manning Cartell

Meri Fatin

Mighty Good

New Romantic



Orche Revival

Outland Denim

Peter Simon Phillips 

Publisher Textiles

Romance was Born

Sam Bags

Shona Joy

Showroom X

Soxy Beast

The Common Good

The Social Outfit

The Upside

The Very Good Bra

Thread Together



Victoria Buckley


September 27, 2021 — TSO Staff



#WeWearAustralian was born from a need to create a sense of commitment to our community, unite the Australian fashion industry and in the process uplift local Australians in need. 

Ethical, sustainable and local production sits at the heart of everything we do at The Social Outfit. The on-going pandemic deeply impacted the our local fashion industry and the brands that have committed to employing and supporting Australians. #WeWearAustralian is a rallying cry of support for our community that needs your support right now.

All of our garments are produced right in the heart of the inner-west of Sydney in our on-site Newtown workroom. Our garments are crafted by refugee and new migrant women that we support and empower through employment.

By supporting brands that manufacture locally just like us, you're ensuring that sewing technicians and makers, many of them women, are and will continue to be employed during this difficult time. 

The campaign asks - as do we - of the Australian public to back Australian made, to support local employment and production, to look to local industry for inspiration and use your money to make a difference!

If you'd like to find out more, click here.

And the best way you can support us? By buying our wonderful ethically made products - created on-site by refugee and new migrant sewing technicians, of course!

By purchasing our gorgeous garments and accessories, you provide us with the means to support, employ and upskill more women just like our Retail Trainees and Sewing Technicians.

Click here to shop some of our incredible garments, all locally and ethically made in Newtown.

September 15, 2021 — TSO Staff

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